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Planner Pages

Do you look all over the internet to find the perfect planner page that makes the most sense to you? Take a look at these planner pages that were created by a neurotypical.

LPC Clothing Designs

These designs are inspired by the phrases to live by in 2022 and the future. Show off your positivity!

Pageant Resources

Prepare for your next pageant with these Pageant Resources! These resources will help you make sure you have absolutely everything you need for onstage and for behind the scenes.

I'm Popular -Pageant Worksheets

Being popular, while desired by most people, is usually connected to a negative stigma. It's time to redefine what 'popular' means to ourselves. Instead of seeking out adoration from the masses & those whom we idolize, what if 'popular' meant self-confidence, being your own #1 fan, and loving yourself?

Bright Futures Pageant

Since 2012, The Bright Futures Pageant focuses on what you feel is important in your head & heart. This online pageant is to help give everyone confidence and to remind them that they can do anything they put their mind to. The Bright Futures Pageant helps give contestants a platform for a positive learning experience, and to showcase their academic skills and creativity. With all the negative stereotypes about pageantry, this pageant will prove that all you need to be a part of the Bright Futures Pageant royalty and family are brains and a good heart.

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About L.Piddy Collection

L.Piddy Collection is a small business focused on learning and organizing in a different way. Originally, L.Piddy Collection was LPEMA: L.Piddy Entertainment Management Agency. The goal was to simply be a pageant coach and help those getting start in the pageantry world. After going back and forth on different ideas for a decade or so, it was time that LPEMA faced some changes. 

Once focusing on what the intention of this small business was and how it was going to give back, L.Piddy Collection was created in 2019. Similar to LPEMA, L.Piddy Collection's main goals are to help people who are interested in pageantry, and to coach new pageant contestants. What makes L.Piddy Collection different? A new style of coaching. 

From planner pages to track your upcoming events and practice, to the "I'm Popular" pageant worksheets to help teach pageantry in a different way, L.Piddy Collection is set out to help the world continue to learn in a new way. Not only are these resources helpful to those in pageants, but to those looking to work on skills useful in the real world. From topics such as interviewing, public speaking, essay writing and more, anyone can benefit from L.Piddy Collection.







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